Am 2014 (edit)

Awesome Annual Meet ! We had 26 bikes and 28 people in all spread over 3 hotels in Tarkarli.

2014 Nomads at Tarkarli

Following is the attendee list :


  • Binil Varghese
  • Diwakar Gupta
  • Poornima Mysore
  • Raja Rajan
  • Sushant George
  • Vivek Mudhaliar


  • Ashok Kamath


  • Varanasi Somanath


  • Karthik Gundavarapu
  • Om Vaikul
  • Ranaditya Palit
  • Sanket Kawli
  • Sanket Mahure


  • Aman Vijh
  • Vibhu Rishi


  • Amit Dhuri
  • Amit Dubey
  • Atit Rajpara
  • Chaitanya Vedak
  • Manoj Vaidya
  • Nalin Bakshi
  • Navendu Singh
  • Nitin Gholkar
  • Pushkar Patil
  • Rohit Parik
  • Sameer Garde
  • Sameer Railkar
  • Samrat Shinde

Over 300 pics are shared on facebook

Everyone reached on 7th November to Tarkarli. Evening was spent in relaxing and good natured leg pulling. Introductions, beer and good food.

On 8th we spent most of the morning chilling around and finding a restaurant to get food in! There are dolphins in the sea off the coast, and we were fortunate enough to go out on a boat and see these magnificent creatures. The group was big enough that we took over the entire restaurant in Malvan and the proprietor had to turn away customers as there was just no space.

After lunch we were in half a mind to go for a group ride, but with the short days in winters, I was more concerned about getting a group photo done. So, we scouted around for a good place to take the pics. It turned out that the beach on low tide in front of one of the hotels - Rosary Paradise - was quite firm to take the pics. Once figured out, we all took our bikes down on the beach and lined them up. Navendu was the official photographer - though everyone was out there with their cameras - even the local populace !

In the evening we had the talks. More of that later at the end of the post.

9th morning everyone split off and focused on getting home.

All in all, a very successful and fun meet. Here’s to all the people who were able to make it to the meet. A very huge thank you to Rohit Parik for doing most of the grunt work in arranging the acco, etc.


Trauma Management - Dr Sanket Kawli

It kicked off with Dr Sanket Kawli giving a brief on what he is trying to do with the Trauma Management Workshop. We had a discussion about how to get it into corporates or societies. Key points to note here are:

  • Dr Kawli needs an assistant to work with him.
  • Workshop size needs to be between 15 to 30 people.
  • Financial package will be worked out by Dr Kawli to come up with ballpark estimates.
  • It is a full day programme.

Long distance Riding - Navendu Singh

Following this we had a talk by Navendu on long distance riding. It was a very enlightening experience for most of us for that 1 hour of talk and discussion on how to maintain the bike, the spares to keep, packing clothes and riding techniques. I believe even veteran riders got to learn a few new tricks!

BN updates - Vibhu Rishi, Rohit Parik

The last talk was about BN and given by Vibhu and supported by Rohit. Some salient points:

  • BN is under revival. As can be seen in the last few months, we have been working on different activities and have other activities planned for the months ahead.
  • In between there was a huge slump as personal work and other activities had taken up much of my time. In fact, I had tried to hand over BN so that someone with more time and inclination could carry the torch forward. But that fizzled out as people were not interested in long term commitment. So I was damned if I did and Damned if I didnt. Decided to just do it my way then.
  • What that means is that I am the de facto decision taker on the group. I overlook every aspect of the group - so I fulfill a strategic role here.
  • Everyone can give opinions and suggestions, but the Yes/No lies with me.
  • So far I have Rohit (administration) and CV (designs, Ts, merchandising, etc) helping me actively with a few other members supporting us.
  • Many activities which used to have a lot of discussion and voting will be just decided by the smaller group of people.
  • We are not happy with the flood of advertising on the facebook page. There is not much value add I see happening to the group. So, spam advertisements will be dealt with being banned.
  • We request everyone to share ride activities on the group so that the group keeps active. Everything is about critical mass - once people are doing rides, others get inspired and do so. Do this by posting pics on BN and then sharing from there - makes it a BN centric ride update.
  • Those who were in the AM have got their hoodies. Others will be getting them soon. We will be working on new Tshirts soon.

All in all, it was a fantastic meet. Lets target getting 100 people together in the next AM.

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Truly, I enjoyed this AM more than any.. Lesser Distractions, More Group Time.
Short and Simple, but still fulfilling.. and Funfilling too..
Cheers to the Next AM..
Chaitanya 2 years, 7 months ago

Vibhu 2 years, 6 months ago

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