Calendar Submissions 2015 (edit)

Hello Guys..

It is that time of the Year (Actually a bit late though, but Better Late than Never), when you guys submit your Photos to be made into a Calender for the Bikenomads, for the Year 2015

Submit your HIGH RESOLUTION Photos (NO ZIP FILES PLEASE, they shall be Ignored), to:

Subject: BN CALENDER 2015

Although there will only be 12 photos Selected (Alas the Year has only 12 months), that should not stop you from sending in multiple snaps.

DISCLAIMER: Your photos shall be used for the creation of the BN Calender and shall not be used anywhere else (Unless you want us to.. )

ONLY THIS YEARS (2014) images are to be sent in as submissions. BN AM 2014 Photos are also Most Welcome.


The Photos must Include:

  1. A Beautiful Background Scenery..
  2. MOTORCYCLE Must be Present in the frame (With or Without Rider)..
  3. Only Rider in the Frame (in proper Riding gear) shall be considered as a Secondary option.
  4. Although Selfies are a Fad nowadays, make sure they are Artsy in Nature to be considered into the Calender.
  5. DO NOT SEND RAW FILES... I don't have the Time and programs to mush them together..
  6. DO NOT SEND WATERMARKED IMAGES.. like signatures, or So-So Photography, and all that ..
  7. PLEASE INCLUDE the following Data in the Mail E.G. Pic001.jpg - Name, Location, Month of Photo taken
  8. While Sending multiple Photos, please mention the Data for each photo.


15 Dec 2014..

Coz i need to Sort thru, Pick, and then include them into the calendar, and that takes time.

Cheers.. AND HURRY...

Update: (2015.03.03) Adding the Calendar Download Link Here..

And the Calendar Assembly Video link here..

Enjoy the 2015 with the New Calendar.. Cheers

Posted by Chaitanya on Nov. 26, 2014, 9:50 a.m. in the forum General [ edit ]

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