AM ride from Nagpur by vibhu

8:00am : The odometer said 447 when PPS and I started off from his home. Riding a bull after a really long time and it is a different feeling. The bike is less flickable, but has a meatier sound. With PPS leading the way out of the city, it was  breeze to navigate the traffice of Nagpur at that time.

We were really supposed to start an hour earlier, but both of us were chatting till late the last night and overslept.

9:45 stopped for fuel after 61 kms. 507 Having breakfast. Paronthas and chai. This took a really long time to get ready. This place was right next to a petrol pump, fo filled up Rs 800 worth of fuel.

10:45 - started from the dhaba. 1 hr for breakfast. not good.

12:30 587 butt break. Been riding nonstop through the villages. The track was mostly flat.&nbsp;</div>

1:00pm 621kms. We were passing through a small jungle with real cool roads, and hardly any traffic. Stopped to take a few pics.&nbsp;

2:15 pm 677 The jungle continues on and off. We passed over a bridge which had quite a long tiger painted on the walls. Stopped for some pics. The place was really peaceful with the jungle river with its clear water gurgling below the bridge.&nbsp;

3:30 727 reached Pachmari. Took some time to find the location as mobile phones do not work in that location. Abhi, doc and Parimal were running the events with the other guys.

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Vibhu Rishi
2 years, 7 monthsago
Vibhu Rishi
2 years, 7 monthsago
Testing commenting.
Vasanth Kumar Kodi
2 years, 7 monthsago
Nicely written

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