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17/01/15(Sat) | Bangalore-Emerald Lake, Ooty: Emerald Lake - Ooty by binilvarghese

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Stay - YWCA Guest House tentative booking done. 

Interim Cost - Rs 1000/- to be handed over to Santoosh, Raja or Binil during the city meet on 11th January Sunday. Cost included booking of stay and funds will be used for breakfast/food stops.

Departure - 5:30 AM from Mysore Nice Road Junction (assembly by 5:15 AM)

Ride Plan - Ride to Ooty - Emerald Lake & Avalanche Lake from Ooty

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26/10/14(Sun) | Delhi-Faridabad: Just a short ride between the two cities by vibhu

Leaving around 11am from Dwarka. Got some work in Faridabad. Anyone interested ?

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16/02/14(Sun) | New Delhi-Murthal: Parantha Ride ! by vibhu COMPLETED

Went for a ride for paranthas.

Everyone else wanted their beauty sleep, so it turned out to be a solo ride.

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11/05/13(Sat) | Pune-Hedvi: Life is a BEACH... A ride to Remember.... by chaitanya COMPLETED
  • Well the day started after a Nights Hard Riding... I mean, I rode down from Mumbai to Pune the Night Before... slept for a few hours and got up and ready, and moved out..
  • The members from Mumbai (Sanket Mahure, Ravi Ved, Pratik Chachad, Akshay Bhatnagar, Jugal Sobhani), and Me alone from Pune, were to meet at a pre-designated hotel on NH17, at the end of Varandha Ghat.. I was just 1/2hr late, and they were close to an hour late from the Pre-Destined Time... Happens..
  • So after a lot of resting, bakkar, some tasty Poha and Chai-kaapi, later we saddled up, and hit the highway...
  • We took on the Ghats like Crazzies with a Major dose of Hyper Speed... Although Jugal was falling behind as he couldnt stomach the previous nights dinner, and was expelling CNG at a steady rate.. Wish it could be used as a Turbo Boost.. Anyways, we took on the curves, and after a short halt to fuel up at Chiplun, we headed towards Hedvi..
  • The Rustic surroundings and the twisty and bumpy roads made for a adventurous ride.. We finally reached Hedvi, and the First thing we did was park in the Wind facing the Sea, remove the Jackets, and Helmets, and soak in the Cool Breeze coming in from the Sea..
  • Soon we collected ourselves, and headed into the resort we had booked.. dumped our stuff, and had another plate of Poha, and Lemon Juice... that was our Lunch at around 4pm.. but it all was tasty.. polished it all of in a matter of minutes.. and then another bakkar session.
  • soon the sun started setting, and we could not let this oppurtunity go amiss.. so we loaded ourselves with the Cameras, and headed into the Sunset (literally)..
  • Sunset at the Beach
  • Sunset Hues
  • Mood reflections
  • Steeds
  • Good Night
  • Ravi, Akshay, and Jugal had dozed off, so me Pratik, and Sanket had a Gala time taking snaps after snaps of the scenery.. soon as the darkness fell, we were joined by the drowsy threesome, and after some more snappy snaps, we headed back for some much needed Lubrication, and Solids... Hunger and Thirst kicked in Big Time, and we satisfied our Urges BIG TIME... Cant remember much though, but the Dinner was awesome..
  • Dont know what time we slept, but remember getting up somehow.. got ready, had a breakfast comprised of POHA+Omlette, chai and again headed out to the sea for some more snappy snaps..
  • Eye can SEA You
  • showing of their sexy Legs..
  • Splash
  • White Washed
  • Dragon and Rocket
  • Quaint
  • The Riders Before the Ride Back
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19/02/13(Tue) | :""::898908098-gkjhgj: 78978979879 FOR TESTING PURPOSE PLEASE IGNORE by samareshbiswal




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20/01/13(Sun) | Delhi-Manesar: Breakfast Ride by vibhu

For last few weeks have been trying to ride - even a chut put ride. But people look down their nose at short rides and if a longer one gets planned, dont turn up. 

So, with time and family constraints, i m going to the McD at Manesar. Have some coffee and pancakes and come back. If interested ping me and join up. 

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15/01/13(Tue) | Bangalore-Bhubaneswar: On Trip To Hometown by samareshbiswal

will join u once m back....:)

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28/12/12(Fri) | New Delhi-Khimsar: Small New year run from New Delhi to Khimsar and back by abhinav.rajsingh COMPLETED

Start from Delhi on Saturday:

Day1 (start by noon - since its f@@kin cold in the morning)

Leg1 : Delhi - Jaipur (Night halt in Jaipur)



Leg2: Jaipur - Sambhar (Saunday Early morming)
Leg3: sambhar - makrana (lunch break)

Leg4: Makrana - Nagaur (evening snack / butt break)

Leg5: Nagaur - Khimsar (watch sunset over dunes/ have booze/ find a local 'firanggi' and have fun)


Leg6: Khimsar - sujangargh (via nagaur) - bruch break

Leg7: Sujangarh - sikar - udaipurwatti(late lunch)

Leg8:Udaipurwati - neem ka thanna - kotputli (chilled riding @ 50-60 kmph and fequent breaks)

Day3 late night /Day4 (either ways)

Last leg (9): kotputli - Nemrana - Delhi



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16/12/12(Sun) | Delhi-Neemrana: Sunday Ride to Neemrana in the crisp Dilli ki sardi by vagabond


10.00: Meet up at Gurgaon Toll Plaza

10.30-11.00: Breakfast at Manesar McD

11.00-12.30: Ride to Neemrana (~100 km, via NH8)

13.00-14.00: Lunch at Neemrana Castle restaurant

14.00-16.00: Timepass, sightseeing, photo shoot

16.00-18.00: Ride back to Gurgaon Toll Plaza and disperse



Optional: Ziplining, if anyone's interested


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10/11/12(Sat) | Bangalore-Shivanasamudra Falls: Bangalore BNers Meetup by diwakar.gupta
Small ride to Shivanasamudra Falls to catch up with everyone !!
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10/11/12(Sat) | borivli-kashid: tentative ride to kashid by krist0ph3r
day ride - ride there, swim, lunch, ride back!
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09/11/12(Fri) | calcutta-kharagpur: small test ride to kgp by binilvarghese
testing testing
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29/09/12(Sat) | Nagpur-Pachmari: AM ride from Nagpur by vibhu COMPLETED

Due to paucity of leaves, I am going to fly to Nagpur and then travel with PPS to Pachmari. 


Any one else interested in joining, let me know. 

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