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What's called what

 by Prabul
English Kannada Telegu Malayalam Tamil
Coffee Kaapi Kaapi Kaapi Kaapi
Tea Tea Chai Chaaya Tea
Water Neeru Neelu Vellam Thani
Egg Mottae Guddu Mutta Mottai
Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel Hotel
Hello Namskara Namaskarm Namaskarm Vannakkam
How much? Yeshtu? Entha? Yethreya? Evalom?
Morning bellege Kallapu Raavelai Kaalelai
Evening Sainkaala Sainkalam Whynaram -
Night Raathri Raathri Raathri Rathri
Dine/lunch Oota annam Chooru(rice) Saapadu'
breakfast Naasta Naasta breakfast Naasta
Tommorow Nalli Nalli Nalla Nalleke
Nahi hai? ellva? ledha? Ellai? Ellaiya?

English :How to go to XXXX?

Kannada :XXXX- ke heggne hogodhu?

Telegu XXXX-ke yella poovala?

Malayalam: XXXX poovanelle route yeddha?

Tamil: XXXX yeppede ponam?

English :Do you know Hindi/English?

Kannada :Hindi/English gotha?

Telegu :Hindi/English thelsa?

Malayalam :Hindi/English ariyo?

Tamil: Hindi/English therima?

English :I did not understand.

Kannada: Artha aage ella.

Telugu: Artham aag leedhu

Malayalam: mansayela

Tamil;: pooriella

Idli Vada Dosa Omllete all are same

And standard sign language also works ;-)

South Indian Food

 By Karthik


That's quite a comprehensive list (Prabul's) to get you started :) Here's some Veggie dishes typical to South India - predominantly Kerala and TN...

  • PAROTTA (Ubiquitous) - These are Parantha's South Indian cousins. There are many varieties of these since people are getting very creative these days
    • The most popular ones are Kerala Parotta (KP), Ceylon Parotta (CP) and KOTHU PAROTTA.
    • The best KP will have uncountable layers of concentric circles made with maida, milk and gingeley oil. Tastes best with any spicy reparation. Just ask for KP :).
    • CP is a thinner version with folds on four sides instead of layered concnetric circles.
  • AAPPAM (KL & TN) - Dosa-like preparation, porous and heavy at the center. Cooked in a kadai. Served with coconut milk, chutney and/or Stew
  • NEERU DOSA (KA) - Popular in South Karnataka, this dosa is made out of thin rice batter and sprinkled with dried coconut flakes. Tastes best with Sambar or Kurma.
  • IDIYAPPAM (KL & TN) - Rice noodles...Called "Shavige Bath" in Karnataka. Usually served with Coconut milk, coconut chutney and/or Stew
  • PULIYOGERE / PULIYODHARAI / PULI SADHAM (KA & TN) - Tamarind spice rice (Popular in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu)
  • MORE KOLAMBU / MORU CURRY (KL & TN) - Spicy dish like sambhar made with grated coconuts, yoghurt and seasonable vegetables. Tastes best with Brown Rice. Mind you, if you ask for "MORE" you will get only Buttermilk :)
  • AVIYAL (KL & TN) - Similar to More Kolambu but has an assortment of exotic vegetables cooked in coconut oil. Tastes best with Brown Rice and Paruppu Adai (dal dosa).
  • KAARA KOLAMBU / PULI KOLAMBU (TN) - Spicy Chettinad preparation made with grated coconuts, Ginger-Garlic and other exotic spices.
  • ULLI THEEYAL (KL) - Spicy gravy made with grated coconuts, Onions. Cooked in coconut oil. Tastes best with Idiyappam,
  • GONGURA CHUTNEY (AP) - Spicy chutney made of a tangy variety of spinach ground with red chillies, cinnamon, pepper, garlic and other spices. Tasted best with Curd Rice and Chappathis.
  • AVAKKAI (AP) - Pickled cut mangoes in hot chilly-garlic syrup. Tastes best with Curd Rice.

A Caveat though - Most dishes in Kerala and South Karnataka are cooked with Coconut oil and, needless to say, have high cholestrol content. If you are conscious about your food intake you would avoid having too much of these. Besides, South Indian dishes are predominantly spicy and pungent. It is advisable to try out a small portion just to see if you are upto it. Of all these Karanataka food is the least spicy (barring North - Belgaum, Dharwad etc.) and have many interesting blend of cuisines - mostly influenced by Maharashtra.

Btw, the best food I had in the North (& West ofc) was Aloo Paranthas, Sarson ka saag, spiced lassi. Rajasthani and Khatiyawadi food (Churma, Sev tamatar etc) Wish you a gastronomic ride.

Cheers, Karthik