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Biking in India is viewed on as something one does before he gets a car. However, for a few of us, biking is a passion. We would rather be found touring remote places on our bikes.

BikeNomads is a group for every one of us who wants to tour, but does not want to be forced into getting a particular bike, to be able to tour. It is a group for everyone of us, who wants to tour, but is not sure of whether one can pull it off.

Its for each one of us, who is a bike lover.

Over the past few years, we have had rides by all age groups. From people in college to people whom everyone says are too old to ride. From people who have small 100cc bikes, to people who ride the best bikes available in India.

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2014 Calendar

February 2014 - Feel Fresh

This year we decided with a Print Your Own Calendar format for the calendar. The premise is simple - you download the files, go to your fiendly neighbourhood photo shop and ask them to print the calendar for you. More information at : BN Calendar 2014

Also provided each month will be the desktop wallpaper version of the calendar image. To download click the thumbnail above and download the full size image.

The alpha site is a new website being developed entirely from scratch to cater to the itch of making a better site. This is under random development schedules and only the brave of heart or the extremely foolish should venture here.

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